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Aikido Geraka

Aikido Geraka was created in 2007. We follow the traditional way as teaching and technique are concerned. In cooperation with Aikikai Greece Federation exams ( kyu & Dan) are being conducted in accordance with the international headquarters of Aikido (Hombu Dojo, Tokyo, Japan). There are special classes for beginners and advance students as well as classes with the use of weapons (sword, stick, knife)


Members have the opportunity to travel and watch international as well as Greek seminars.


In possession of 3 Dans is the supervisor Antonis Krionis


Antonis Krionis

Was born at Zagora of Pilion the year of 1963.

He has been involved with the art of  Aikido since 2000.

At 2009 he travelled to Japan, Tokyo with other Greek co-travelers to the headquarters of Aikido (Hombu Dojo) where he participated into daily trainings with all the grand modern Aikido teachers. He has been training since 2000 under the supervision and guidance of hes teachers Janet Cliff , Eimon Devlin.


He has traveled and participated into numerous international seminars worldwide (Greece, France, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, Norway, Finland, Russia etc.) and attending seminars given by great teachers shihan like Endo-sensei, Tissier-sensei ,Fujimoto-sensei, Saotome -sensei etc.


At 2007 he created Aikido Geraka ( and today is in the possession of 3 Dans.  

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